2021 36th Annual Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition

The Texas & Neighbors Exhibition is an annual collaboration between the Irving Art Association and the Irving Arts Center. This exhibition we are celebrating its 36th year. The exhibition is scheduled for May 13th through June 12th at the Irving Arts Center. Juror is Andrea Karnes, Senior Curator at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.


UPDATE: There will be no live events - the Reception & Awards Ceremony has been canceled. The exhibit will open as scheduled on May 15th - July 10th (extended from June 12) at the Irving Arts Center. Award winners will be announced here on May 15th. $10,000 in prizes!


A 360-degree online tour will be available soon after the exhibit opening on the website http://irvngartscenter.org. Or you can view the art in person. Free reservations, with social distancing and wearing masks observed. Irving Arts Center is located at 3333 N. MacArthur in Irving. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday: noon to 5 PM.


2021 Artists

Jesse Alarcon "La Vision"
Lauren Careese Alexander "Homebound"
Tina Alvarez "Say What"
Ruda Anderson "Gambit"
Gail Arnold "Celadon Seven"
Cordelia Bailey "Aside the Wharf"
Vidisha Bajpai "Tree of life"
Valerie Batchelder "The Restaurant"
Darla Bostick "Henri's Yellow Tulips"
Marilyn Bourbon "Ladies in Waiting"
Patty Bruce "Pink Lady"
Nel Dorn Byrd "Sounds of Chautauqua"
Jeanne Campbell "COVID 3"
A. Eilene Carver "Weighty Decisions"
Leonardo Castillo "Resilience"
Radha Chatterjee "I say half-full" series Lime
John Cole "Contemplation"

Cortes, Jasmine "Is anyone there?! No."
U. Crosby "Karo"
Ron Crouch "Lounging Cats" (version 1)
Patti Cummings "Vintage Cool"
Mayank Dharia "A Multi Culture"
Brett Dyer "I Hope This Made You Smile"
Laurieann Dygowski "She's My Friend"
Kurt Dyrhaug "Vertical Tonka Wing"
Paige Frailey "Portrait of My Daughter"
Curtis Frederick "Embrace II"
Carolyn Funk "23 Texas Inks"
Tyler Griese "The Cave"
Barbara Hack "Offering Strength"
Charles Hendrickson "Maroon Bells Sunrise"
Mikey Hernandez "Teach or Make Sub Plans?"
Courtney Holder "Flannery's View of the Woods"
Marianne Howard "Gorilla Girls Sisters"
Karen Jacobi "Magnolia Blossom"
Randall Jones "This Must Be The Place (Abi)"
Diane Kell "Mountain Storm"



Susan Kindley "The Cigar Man"
Rita Kirkman "Cousins"

Xiaodong "Eric" Li "Oriental Charm"
Patsy Lindamood "We Are All in This Together"
Joanna Littlefield "Mr. Pinecone"
Cindy Lunday "New Beginnings"
Barbara Mason "Until We Meet Again"
Jim McClure "The Old Bull"
Brenda McDougall "Canyon Country"
Vijaya Meduri "Ecstasy"
Karl Melton "Kid in a Yellow Shirt"
Beth Menking "Meadow Texas"
David Mikitka "Fractal Variation #11"
Maggi Miller "What Artists Think about When They Take a Coffee Break"
Steve Miller "Recharging"
Linda Mucha Karns "Portrait of a Goddess, Weary and Bold"
Don OBannon "Good Trouble"
Jory Pacht "Nightfall"
Stormie Parker "Escape"
Trish Poupard "Approaching Fort Worth"

Jaminet Rivera "SOS America"
John Schaeffer "Sorry We're Closed"
Kristine Schneider  "Covenants in the Wilderness"
Anna Schölch "Resurrection"
Connie B. Schott "Allie"
Arthur Sekula "Grace Gate"
Mark Sharfman "Elegance"
Lori Spielman "Energy Cat
David Sweet "The “Tiger King”
Lisa Tennant "Andy's Drive-In"
Kathryn Thomas "Quiet End of a Busy Day"
Alyssa Vallecorsa "The Painter"
Noelle Van Vleet "Reflect"
JoMerra Watson "St. Michelle"
Steve Whitfield "Route 66"



About last year's exhibit:
Due to the pandemic, the show was held online only.

85 works of art were chosen by Juror Kristin Rivas for the 35th Annual Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition from a record 883 entries. 326 artists residing in five states (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas) entered the regional show. This year’s competition introduced two new categories: Photography and Sculpture.


Signature Designation

Irving Art Association proudly recognizes the artists who have exhibited in this show more than 5 times. Recipients receive a commemorative pin, a certificate and a link to their website from the Texas & Neighbors website. Artists are entitled to use the suffix “TxN” after their names.


Congratulations to our new Signature Artist for 2021: Barbara Mason


These Signature Artists were also chosen for the 2021 Show:
Nel Dorn Byrd (22 shows), Patsy Lindamood (8 shows), Joanna Littlefield (6 shows), and Steve Miller (10 shows).

For the complete list of 109 Signature Artists, click here.

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Cosponsored by the Irving Art Association
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This prestigious five-state competition pulls entries representative of the best of American art. The jurors who select the show and then judge the winning works of art are artists of national standing or prominent experts in art. The show is hung in the Main Gallery of the Irving Arts Center in the spring.


For information on past exhibits, click here.

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